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Please bear with me as I get these books prepared for this online bookstore... they take a while to write and edit and get published. This is my life, my passion, and my focus (finally). This is also part of my service to all of humanity and the one beautiful blue-marbled globe we all live on together, so it is also a labor of love and holds spiritual meaning for me, but directed to the masses from a practical down-to-earth approach.


Writing and sharing these with the public is my pleasure. Please know that although these books are free, they also cost me in time and money to research, write, and publish, not including marketing, website and online costs, salary (this is how I make my living), and other expenses. To download books may be free for you, but not for me. Why?


This is not a non-profit company but I do have to pay self-employment taxes because providing online books, where you can download free ebooks, as well as regular print books from Amazon, and Kindle books (where you can download ebooks). Basically though, ebook downloads where you can get an ebook free from my ebook library, is my business. Still, I have been given so much of this information that I originally learned, as a freebie, so I would like to pass it on to those who cannot afford much right now, but--hopefully because of putting this ebooks download information to good use and saving money for the rest of their lives--will be able to later.


Because of this, I happily accept donations! (yes, people actually donate!) J  Please support the continuation of my ability to provide free e-books! Another way to help out is to buy one of my newly published books on Amazon as well. J


Please share this site with others who might like ebooks free (for free PDF download) by using the share buttons at the bottom of some pages.


I am grateful for your support!


Sharon Buydens

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