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Difference between solar cooker and solar oven

Is there a difference between an “oven” and a “cooker” for solar cooking?

Solar “oven”

Well, although these terms are actually most often used interchangeably, it is generally called an “oven” if you put the food inside the insulated walls of the box, similar to a regular kitchen oven.

Solar “cooker”

Also, it is generally […]

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Bigfoot Sightings Map

Sasquatch / Bigfoot Sightings Map

Choices of maps below:

Texas Arkansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma Washington, Oregon, & California (PNW/Pacific Northwest)

The maps show Class A (sighting locations indicated by a RED creature shape) and Class B (footprint locations indicated by a BLACK foot shape) localities based on the BFRO database for these sightings. Special thanks […]

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