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Evidence For An Underground Magnetic Focusing System

An Entombed Triangular Alien Robotic Probe


Although some of the information given below has been presented earlier, I am now going to give a much more detailed account of the Triangular Alien Probe and what its significance may be for the UFO Corridor in New York.


·        Dr. Ellen Crystall claims in her 1991 book, Silent Invasion, that she detected evidence for an underground alien base near Pine Bush, NY.

·        In 1992, I began a three year, 24 square mile, magnetic mapping project in the Wallkill River Valley of New York in order to test her hypothesis.

·        Magnetic measurements were made at 1,800 locations or stations within the mapping area.

·        Several maps were generated which show underground geologic features, and various types of magnetic anomalies.

·        Some of these anomalies appear to be unnatural and technologically based.


The magnetic map that I generated for Orange and Ulster counties is displayed below.  It shows the distribution of over 15 magnetic anomalies distributed along the axis of the valley.  These anomalies are buried and most are not visible at the surface.  They represent iron-rich granite and metavolcanic rocks that were part of an ancient island system or archipelago.   Mt. Adam and Mt. Eve are a major exception to the south between Pine Island and Warwick, NY (see image above), because they have been nearly completely exposed due to erosion of surrounding softer shales.  One island in the mapped area is represented by a magnetic anomaly, and is not completely buried.  It is located at the northern end of Red Top road, due west of the City of Wallkill.   Brown, weathered metavolcanic rock pokes up through a sea of surrounding black Ordovician shale (Austin Glenn Formation).  Prospecting pits in that rock are still visible, and were areas where iron ore was probably being sought.

It became clear during my initial geologic investigation that these islands were being identified on the magnetic map below as magnetic anomalies.  Most of these anomalies are stationary, meaning their magnetic values do not change.

magneticmapWRV copy

As my research on UFOs in the valley continued, and after I had made my first map of magnetic anomalies in that 24 square mile area, I realized that most if not all sightings of craft at night were occurring directly over or near those magnetic anomalies.



The thought that the Visitors were using natural underground magnetic anomalies to disguise their technology underground was my first suspicion.  That explanation would seem to confirm Ellen Crystall’s hypothesis of an underground base.  As a geologist, I knew that the rocks causing the magnetic anomalies were of igneous origin, and as such would be much more competent and stronger structurally than the surrounding ancient marine shales, made up of claystone and siltstone.  The ancient islands, if like the rocks exposed in Mt. Adam and Mt. Eve further south, were made up of granites and metamorphosed volcanic rocks, where the mineral crystals would be interlocked and much harder than clay minerals.  Those islands would make better areas for underground bases, which could be carved out and excavated, forming underground caves.  Crystall provides evidence for digging activity in the woods, which supports her idea of underground tunnels and caverns.


It was not until I discovered the underground alien probe beneath the Beth Hillel Jewish Cemetery that an alternative explanation came to light.  Because that probe was sending three magnetic beam signals out into space, I was able to locate with my magnetometer exactly where those beams were located when they came out of the ground.  A triangular array of three similar beams defined the triangular shape and size of that buried object.  Because that probe was resting on top of a larger and more extensive magnetic anomaly, the possibility of the signals coming from an ancient alien probe that had landed on an island when this area was an ocean seemed more reasonable than underground activity coming from tunnels and caverns.  And the question of why the signals could only be detected when the Constellation Booties was overhead had to be explained.


As initial or early questions were answered, more questions arose as a consequence of this discovery:

1)              Why would the Visitors be sending signals out into space from under ground when they could exit their underground base and transmit through our atmosphere?

2)              How could magnetic beams pass through solid rock if the probe was entombed in black marine shale?

3)              Were there other energy beams coming out of the ground that were not magnetic, but which other people had observed when they generated light?

4)              Were other areas where I detected similar signals coming out of the ground nearby also coming from alien probes that had landed on other islands of this ancient archipelago?

5)              What was the alien probe trying to signal or communicate with out in space?

6)              Could these signals be intercepted by other alien probes out in space, and that is why the area has attracted so many visitors coming to Earth to investigate the source of that signal?  Was ET trying to call home?

7)              How could these probes still be active and functioning after 420 million years after being entombed and even buried deeply at one time in the Earth’s crust?


Three notable anomalies have been observed over and around the triangular magnetic array:

1)  A very large triangular craft was observed hovering directly over the array (and cemetery) one evening.  Image below from Silent Invasion by Ellen Crystall (1991).

2)     Strange sounds and rapid drops in air temperature have been reported at the cemetery and near the transmitter array.

a)     The author has experienced such drops in temperature and popping sound (cf. vacuum seal being broken) coming from the magnetic transmitter located at the cemetery entrance.

3)  The ground around the magnetic source array is sometimes unusually warm – enough so that it rapidly melted snow banks only along the road in front of the cemetery.  Pictures below taken by Phil Martin in March 1994.


4)  Witnesses (Phil and Lynn Martin) observed a tracking beam of light arising from between the three magnetic sources, which tracked a low flying commercial airliner as it passed over the cemetery, and then disappeared as quickly as it appeared.

5)     Strange sounds and rapid drops in air temperature have been reported at the cemetery and near the transmitter array.

a)  The author has experienced such drops in temperature and popping sound (cf. vacuum seal being broken) coming from the magnetic transmitter located at the cemetery entrance.

6)     Sue Mann reported feeling vibrations and a distinct humming coming out of the ground within the cemetery one night.

7)     Plants and animals have grown or behaved strangely in and around the cemetery and magnetic sources – including plants that grew downwards and towards one source, and worms/insects that allegedly glowed at night.

Note how fence was extended to the right to include the tree?  Why?

Scot L. Stride, engineer for JPL in Pasadena, CA, raised some important points when I shared my discoveries with him.  Scot designed and engineered the telecommunication system for the first Mars Rover, so he was very experienced in electromagnetic signals.

·        As far as being a signal, for it to transmit into space it needs to be electromagnetic. The SETI definition of signal is a very narrow-band (1 Hz or less) CW signal detected at any given microwave frequency.

·        Pulsed magnetic fields can be used to focus particle beams and electromagnetic fields, and that theory is certainly more plausible than a magnetic transmitter.

·        The strength of the signals detected implies artificiality more than regular pulses or geographic spacing.

·        The three equilaterally spaced magnetic sources could be part of a beam focusing system.  With three magnets, a beam of charged particles can be steered and pointed into space.  Four or more magnets could be used, but controlling them gets complicated.

·        Therefore, the three magnetic anomalies detected are probably not actual signal beams.  Rather, they are indirect evidence that an unknown centrally-located signal (between the three magnetic sources) was being generated when the magnetic spikes were detected.  In support of that interpretation, the Martins saw a beam of light originating from the cemetery near that central location.

·        As for the beam going through solid rock, the particles would need to be very tiny and energetic, like neutrinos or weakly interacting dark matter.

·        If an active alien transmitter exists underground, and sends signals out into space from time to time, it represents a unique opportunity for monitoring and study.

·        All three magnetic transmitters detected with a Precession Proton Magnetometer are located on private property just outside a local cemetery.

·        A seismic survey might be able to detect the depth of the devices producing the magnetic signals, as well as their sizes and shapes.

·        Monitoring equipment could be positioned at each magnetic source location so that a continuous record of activity can be made and studied.

·        Determining the characteristics of the magnetic fields focusing the signal, and the type of carrier beam (e.g. charged particles, neutrinos, weakly interacting dark matter, etc.) could help us understand why SETI has been unsuccessful in detecting ETI communications.

·        If this is alien technology, it means ET is already here and transmitting data to a distant location in space (shades of the movie, The Arrival ).

·        Why is this technology located underground?

o   Camouflage and inaccessibility, or

o   An ET probe arrived here long ago and landed on an island in a shallow Ordovician sea.  It was gradually buried in marine mud as sea level rose.  With time and continued burial the enclosing muds were turned into rock.  Erosion and glaciation have nearly exposed the probe, and it is trying to signal “home”.

·        If this is a buried probe, why is it transmitting today?

o   It may contain a long-lived power source, have been engineered and designed to seek out planets with primitive life, and transmit signals when it detected the evolution of intelligent life.

o   Triangular craft are commonly spotted flying over the area, and some stop and hover directly over the buried probe as if drawn to its beacon.

GeologyWallkillmap copy


Walden Land Plat


History Channel tests hypothesis

·        On 8-9 November 2007 the History Channel brought magnetometers and a ground penetrating radar system to the location of the anomalous magnetic signals.

·        The fence around the Beth Hillel cemetery had been extended west and south. It now encloses the tree and signal source that had been outside the cemetery fence before 2005.

·        They discovered that the large tree next to the signal source was magnetized: 1700 milligauss, compared to 55 milligauss background level.

·        Magnetic readings next to the cemetery were fluctuating in three different directions simultaneously.

·        Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) along the south side of the cemetery encountered a buried object seven to nine feet below the surface, surrounded by Ordovician shales of the Austin Glen Formation – exactly where Cornet’s hypothesis predicted it would be found.

·        The object is more than 20 feet thick.

·        GPR data extends only down to 27 feet, and does not show the bottom of the object, nor what it is resting on.



Below the History Channel film crew is pictured with Dr. Bruce Cornet (on right), across from the Beth Hillel Cemetery along Rte. 52 between Pine Bush and Walden, NY.


Above picture was taken behind the Beth Hillel Jewish Cemetery in November 2007, showing the GPR device used to image the ground down to 27 feet with the UFO Hunters for the History Channel.  The images below show the initial results of that survey, along the grass skirt behind the cemetery fence.  It shows the corner of a solid structure at the east end of the fence that is no more than nine feet below the surface.


Below: Raw Data for Ground Penetrating Radar Images of UBO





The satellite image below of the cemetery adjacent to Rte. 52 shows the positions of magnetic beam generators at the corners of a triangular object and a central signal generator, which has been witnessed projecting a beam of light into the atmosphere.  Significant is the size of this object resting on top of a granitic island, and the fact that it has magnetized the tree in the upper left corner of the picture.  That magnetism was measured by the UFO Hunters team at 1.7 gauss, which is greater than the total magnetic field of the Earth.  A Triangular craft was seen hovering over the cemetery by Dr. Ellen Crystall (1991: drawing), while other witnesses have heard a humm coming up out of the ground, or felt the temperature change over the cemetery, but not elsewhere.  Phil and Lynn Martin even witnessed the snow on top of the cemetery melting and running into the road on a cold winter day, indicating that the ground over the Triangle had been heated enough to cause that melting.  I have witnessed and photographed plants growing back down towards one of the magnetic transmitters next to the magnetic tree, indicating that these wild onions “thought” a source of energy (i.e. sunlight) was comng up from below them.   Strange popping sounds have also been heard coming from the corner transmitters.


Locations of three of the four magnetic and gravity beams shown coming from probe.

In 1992-1993  I monitored those magnetic beams using a Proton Procession Magnetometer.  Those results (presented in a talk at the Society for Scientific Exploration in Las Vegas on 5 May 2004) show that this buried alien probe sends powerful magnetic beams out into space every time the Constellation Booties is overhead.  This discovery was reported in the November issue of UFO Magazine.  The probe landed on Earth about 420 million years ago in the Late Ordovician.