Unconventional Aerial Phenomena in the Hudson and Wallkill River Valley of New York







by Bruce Cornet

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 The Passion of Bonnie.

  Anatomy of an ET/Spiritual Deception of Biblical Magnitude.


Slides for a talk given on 20 February 2020 at the UFO Mega Conference in Laughlin, NV. 


Plane landing in farm field?
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2 July 1992



Audio Recordings of Ellen Crystall and Rich Pascarella

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No. 1

29 April 1993

No. 2
29 April 1993

No. 3
29 April 1993

No. 4
29 April 1993

Audio for Barbara Hartwell and Bruce Cornet

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4 May 2000

On 20 August 2003 Billy McNamara and Bruce Cornet witnessed the Manta Ray making a run at them from a hovering position about half a mile away due north.  It turned around about 500 feet from them, and then departed back to the north.


Duration of Performance: 5 minutes.  9:37:26 pm to 9:42:48 pm EST.
Estimated Altitude: 500 feet.
Estimated Average Speed: 10-15 mph (ranged from 0 mph to 30 mph).
Shape: Diamond, with a broad vertically flat leading edge forming a chevron shape, and a long tapering tail.
Estimated Maximum Width: About 60 feet.
Estimated Length: About 100 feet, variable.
Total Number of Lights: Varied from 2 to 5.
Number of Headlights: 2, one each at outboard angles of craft.
Number of Strobes: Varied from 0 to 2, one at nose and one at tail.

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There are 98 slides, including seven videos and animated gifs in this 120 minute talk.  Only 29 of those slides and animated gifs are shown here.  You will have to purchase the DVD and watch/listen to my talk, hear the sounds, to get the full importance of my field work and discoveries during the 11 year period between 1992 and 2003.


You can purchase a DVD of my talk at the online store for UFO Mega Conference on 20 February 2020.  Price: $15.



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