Unidentified Flying Objects: My Sightings, and Others' Sightings
by Sharon Eby (Cornet)


UFO's - Who, what, why, how, & where is the TRUTH? | My First UFO Sighting

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Bruce Cornet's Black Triangle Evidences and Plasma Lights: Questions for the Skeptic



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UFO's - Who, What, Why, How and Where Is The TRUTH?

Despite thousands of UFO sightings every week around the globe (only hundreds or less are ever reported) there are so many skeptics who believe that they are ALL, across the board, outright lies.  From personal experience I can validate that this is NOT true.  So many multiple witnesses to sightings of unidentified crafts (i.e. "flying saucers" or "flying triangles" or such) have occurred throughout decades by military, civilians, rural folks, children, professionals, etc. regardless of race, creed, age, profession, or religious beliefs, that a majority of the planet now accepts them as real rather than all being hoaxes. 

The real question is WHO are they, WHAT do they want, WHY are they here, WHAT can or should we do about it, HOW does this affect our lives and the very core of our belief systems, WHERE do they come from, are they going, and where are people being taken when supposedly abducted, WHEN will we all know the TRUTH!?!?!

The fact is that many people have UFO sightings, but seeing a "UFO" doesn't mean you saw a flying saucer!  UFO simply means UNIDENTIFIED Flying Object and it does not even imply alien origin, even though the masses have accepted the "alien" version as such.  

For MOST people the statistics are really more like this:

Of all the thousands of UFO sighting reports, around 90% of those are actually IDENTIFIABLE.

Of the remaining 10% of UFO sightings, 90% of those (9 of 10) are usually above top secret MILITARY crafts.

The remaining 1% of all UFO sightings are most likely the REAL thing... an authentic non-human driven vehicle. 

For MOST abduction experiencers the statistics are probably higher since the likelihood of seeing a craft goes up exponentially (provided it is true).

I have dealt a lot with UFO abductions and have run a support group for the El Paso area and I will be writing more about that later, especially because alien abductions have occurred in my family (they tend to follow families in fact) and there is a lot more to say about that which I don't plan on covering just yet.  For now I'd like to talk about some of the answers (from a Biblical perspective) that were brought up above.  Putting aside the FEAR based issues that drives many people into all kinds of strange beliefs, it is important that we look at some of the oldest and most believed texts in the world... the Bible (realize there are other texts that are also good resources).  What does it have to say?  Is it what people believe today, or believed nearly 2,000 years ago, or longer?  The beliefs of people (even within Christianity) are no doubt varied and the sects and divisions within the church are incredibly high!  No wonder there is so much confusion within people!

I am not asking anyone to believe what I've written below... and it was written some years ago now and we all know that as we learn more and grow spiritually, mentally, emotionally, etc. that our beliefs often change (at least those who don't stay stagnant grow!)... heck, I might even need to revamp, or add more information to this article as time passes!  What I'm saying is, keep an open mind, but not so open your brain falls out!  Read on...

My first UFO sighting, by Sharon Eby (Cornet)

I was at my Grandmother's house in Sarasota, FL when I was about the age of 13. Believe it or not I was reading a book about UFO's... I was always interested in the paranormal of some kind, always searching for the truth behind strange events. It was nighttime and the louvered windows were open to the night air. I put down my book a moment to pray to God very earnestly to see a UFO, so that I would know if they were truly real or not, then I started reading again.

Within 3-5 minutes I heard a sound like none I've heard before... It sounded like a cross between an idling semi truck and a tank! Then after about 15 seconds or so it stopped as suddenly as it started. I had been peering out the window from my seat looking to see if it was some strange vehicle passing by but saw nothing.

Then, right out the window in front of me I did see a vehicle... a space vehicle! The only light shining in the darkness was from the flourescent bulbs in the carport to my left out past the back porch.  Down the driveway it came, gliding smoothly by, soundlessly. I could see the top of it only... no lights... just a look of brushed aluminum... metal so shiny it was weird. And there was no glass like a car would have in the front; it was all shiny metal. I was scared out of my wits, but excited all at the same time!

I kept watching as it passed by the window in such a quick gliding movement. My heart was pounding out of my chest because I knew that I knew I heard what I heard, and I saw what I saw. The craft glided just out of my view into a small blind spot, so I sat there watching carefully expecting to see the craft glide on around the other side of the circle drive. It never showed. So once my heart slowed to normal, and I got enough drive to conquer my fear and go outside to investigate. I checked around and figured it must've been the real thing (I had been trying to talk myself out of it). 

My Grannie's house in Sarasota, FL with view from dining room, past porch, towards U-driveway where craft was seen
GranniesHouseLayout.jpg (11647 bytes)

Satellite view of my Grannie's house 

(house and carport highlighted in yellow with driveway in light blue)
7153_28th_St_Ea2.jpg (28799 bytes)

The craft had not reversed itself and gone back out of the driveway or I would've seen it; it did not circle around for the same reason. It couldn't have gone straight or any other direction in the yard or it would've ran into the orange grove, the carport, or trees. There was one spot (a blind spot from where I was sitting) where it could've left from in the bend of the driveway... but the only way out of that spot... was UP! Right between a break in the large tree branches.   That was my first answered prayer concerning things of the unknown... as I kept living my life, God/Spirit/Universe kept leading me and showing me more, answering my prayers along the way as if to say, "I'm still here!"  That premise, is why I feel that God has much to do with UFO's and alien beings, rather than the idea that God has "nothing" to with these intelligent life forms. Of course, ones concept of God changes as you learn more, and experience more.

(c) Sharon Eby 1999-2004

Eby family's Wikieup, Arizona UFO Sighting from May 13th, 2004

Below is the report submitted to Dr. Bruce Cornet (who was the NIDS Deputy Administrator at the time) for the Wikieup UFO sighting witnessed by Sharon Eby, her 17 yr old son Tyler, and nephew Derek, and Derek's girlfriend Angie on May 13, 2004 at approx. 9pm.  Interestingly enough, this UFO sighting was similar to yet another Wikieup UFO sighting witnessed 13 months prior by others.  To make things even more synchronicitous, the Rachel UFO Conference which Sharon was a speaker at (along with Bruce Cornet) had a Hopi Indian attendee, Darryl Thomas, whose niece Janene also witnessed the SAME lights south of Wikieup on the very same Thursday night of May 13th.  Below is the information on all of these accounts.....
Sighting Report:

We left Las Vegas at approx. 7:00PM PDT, once we hit highway 93 (south of I-40) in Arizona we were on the same time as Las Vegas since AZ does not go on daylight savings time.  Approx 1 hr and 15 mins (estimated) after leaving Vegas we turned south on highway 93.  We stopped right away for the guys to go to the bathroom by the roadside since there was not a rest area.
After they got back in the car I drove 85 mph and slowed down to about 80 mph since the roads were hilly and the road itself was not as smooth as the Interstate.  Angie had put on some music and some of the songs were not that great so we put on a CD of Tyler's... the X-files music came on and Angie said, "This song is appropriate for this road."  Tyler announced his agreement.  And so the X-files (UFO) type "theme" entered all of our minds and I thought (projected) to myself, "Ok guys [meaning the aliens] you can come anytime!  We'd like to see you so if you are around we're open to having a UFO sighting!" and I left it at that.  Tyler and I started talking about UFO's and some of the research I have done, including some aspects about cattle mutilations, etc. 

We spoke on this for at least 20 mins or so when suddenly Tyler saw, to the left of the car, an amber colored light shoot off to the right from what he had originally thought was a single "ranchers light." (note that this is 2 lights).  He immediately shouted, "That's a UFO!" and I agreed that I had seen the light (not the one he considered a "ranchers light") shoot off to the right, but only had seen it in my peripheral vision and had not looked at it directly.
At that point Angie and Derek, who had been trying to go to sleep, were roused and I told them to grab my video camera from out of my back behind the front seat.  I said, "They are going to show up again, you watch and see!"  They dug through my bag and found the camera, and Tyler, who was sitting up front beside me (Derek was behind me while Angie was in the rear passengers side), put a new tape into the camera.  I knew we had at least 30 mins time on the new tape, but the batteries were not as predictable and I was afraid that if we left the camera on for very long that we'd lose not only tape, but run out of battery juice.  I felt it prudent to make sure that if and when the AOP's were to show up again that we needed to NOT miss them so I opted to keep the camera OFF until we started seeing lights.
Tyler started the camera on accident and I told him how to shut it off, but I am not sure if that was before or after we went through the town of Wikiup.  I remember noting, in my mind, the name of the town because we came upon it very quickly (probably within 1 mile after seeing the initial light(s), so that I could reference it later.  We slowed down to go through the town and then sped up once outside of it.  We watched but it seemed that several minutes passed before anything else happened.

Then, in front of us was a single amber-colored light in the sky, just above the road and a little to the right.  Then another one, to the left of the first light, showed up.  Tyler, we thought, turned on the camera at that point.  I remember checking it to see if it was recording and the light was blinking, telling me it WAS; however, upon getting home it appears that it did NOT record during this time.  The lights that we missed on video (for whatever reason) started acting very much like the Marfa Lights (reference these lights which show up 3 hrs SE from El Paso, east of Marfa TX) we've seen before, except that these were up in the sky instead of lower to the ground.  The lights behaved like Marfa Lights in that they were amber colored, would glow brightly, then dim and almost flicker out, and then grow bright once again.  The lights did so separately and not in unison.  Although Derek, nor Angie, nor Tyler remember the "flash" (as I call it) I distinctly remember a very bright FLASH (much like a lightning flash) coming from the brightly glowing light on the left, so that the flash made me blink because of it's brightness.  My inner thought at that moment was "what did they just do to me/us?".  The lights then dimmed out and we waited once again, driving on down the road, to see if more lights would show up.

Within a very short time Derek and Angie and Tyler all noticed some strange lights to the right of the car, at what appeared to be farther off in the distance.  They said it might be a plane, or a helicopter (Tyler, nor I remember seeing these lights at all, and I could not see them despite looking for them, but I was driving so I did not have long enough chances to view out the right window).  Derek told the camera later (when I interviewed him) that the lights he saw were blinking, and that there were about 8 of them, all whitish, with a single blue light in the center, but that they were all blinking randomly with no apparent sequence.  Then suddenly a very bright (and apparently much closer!) amber light appeared in the sky in front of the "multi-lighted helicopter" and a second light came out of it (according to Tyler).  Tyler said another third and separate light was off to the left somewhere.  I did not see anything at that point except the two lights.  They flashed brightly and then dimmed, a few times, and finally our attentions turned to what was in front of us, straight in front of the car (and slightly up and to the right).
LIGHT SET #4 (the "grand finale")

What we saw was a single light, then a second to the left of that.  The first light dimmed, and the second light grew bright.  Then that light became the only one we noticed (I'll call this light #1) because at that point another amber light (#2) appeared to shoot out directly (horizontally) to the left of light #1.  Then, another light (#3) appeared to shoot out directly (horizontally) to the left of light #2.  Then, another ight (#4) appeared to shoot out directly (horizontally) to the left of light #3.  So there were 4 lights altogether which we saw, simultaneously by then.  Then they all faded -- we thought at the same time, but on the video it shows they faded in the order they had become visible with light #1 fading first, then #2, then #3, and finally #4... all very quickly one right after the other.  This fourth set of lights was what we all call "the grand finale" due to the awesome nature of all of those lights shooting to the left of one another.
We waited a minute to see if any more lights would show up and when they didn't I took out my cell phone and noted the time to be 9:12pm, figuring the "grand finale" had been seen at 9:11pm (11 shows up a lot in synchronicitous and UFO-related events so I said a personal "thank you" when I noticed that).  Some more minutes passed and when we did not see any more lights I had Tyler turn on the camera for documentation of the event, saying the closest mile marker (in ascending order as we drove SE towards Phoenix) was #136, and the time was 9:17pm.  We were driving 80 mph at the most (perhaps less at that point, I don't remember for sure as we were driving much slower DURING the light display) so I averaged the last mile marker (where the "grand finale" was seen) at approx. #130 or so.
WikieupSpread.jpg (21325 bytes)
Please note that on the video, AS WE'RE WATCHING THE "GRAND FINALE" of lights a road (intersection) tees off to the right (I HOPE it's "Signal Road" on the map... perhaps the local Sheriff's Dept. can let us know?).  There were signs but we were watching the lights so did not notice which road it was.  On the video the signs are passing far too quickly and are too blurry to be able to read.  It was AT that intersection where the last 4 lights were seen. 
I have compiled a map from mapquest showing the town of Wikieup and plotted a blue dot just a mile or so north of there where we think the very first set of lights were seen (LIGHT SET #1), and also at the place called "Gray Wash" (think of the grey aliens?) where I think we may have seen some of the lights (approx.) and also at Signal Road (perhaps... it's a very appropriately named road for the lights we saw "signalling" in the sky!).  Another road further down is called Power Line Road (UFO's sometimes follow powerline areas or affect them).  Local creeks and rivers are Big Sandy River, Bronco Creek, Sycamore Creek, and Chicken Springs Road.  
WikieupUFOsightingSTART_END.jpg (68809 bytes)
We did stop the car sometime after that, but only saw a "plane" with three distinct lights on it in the shape of an equilateral triangle.  It did not show up on the video because it was too dim and too far to pick up the lights on the camera film (cheap camera with no zoom, no focus controls, and who knows what kind of LUX rating it has on it!).  We gave up after that, seeing only a blimp over Phoenix, and around 3am or so the kids seeing a "cloud" for a while that looked like it had a 90 degree angled side that seemed to follow along with the car.  I was so tired and groggy I could NOT keep my eyes open to see it.  They thought it was a UFO but I thought it was a very faint cloud... it was hard to tell because it was so faint my eyes hurt to try to focus on it.  I fell back to sleep.

Janene's Wikieup Sighting Account from May 13th, 2004
Yes I did see lights in the sky on the evening of May 13th traveling south on highway 93 right between the hours of 9pm and 10pm, along with my husband Marc, right around the Burro Creek bridge.  We just returned on that same road last evening so we discussed the sighting so it’s very fresh in my mind. 

What I first saw was lights off to the right in a pair glowing very brightly.  Then the pair repeated again the very bright flash and that is when I called my husband’s attention to them.  We then noticed very small lights traveling in different directions zig zagging across the sky blinking in what appeared to be in some type of communication signals between them.  I couldn’t be sure how many there were traveling at that time but at least two.  Then the blinking lights started to come together again.  The next thing we knew there were three very bright lights in almost a perfect row that glowed for a couple of seconds and them seemed to fall very slowly and go dim.  Then again the blinking communications started between the objects again zig zagging through the sky.  We then stopped the car to show our two small daughters but I don’t think they registered what we were talking about.  We were stopped on the side of the road for a good five minutes watching the blinking lights travel in different directions towards the south, west and north horizons. 

My brother, Duane was traveling approximately hour a head of us in a different car saw lights too.  I’ll forward this email to him and see if he’s willing to put something on the record as well.


Another Wikieup Sighting from 13 months prior from the National UFO Reporting Center
Source: http://www.nuforc.org/webreports/028/S28514.html  
Sighting Report
Occurred : 4/16/2003 21:00 (Entered as : 04/16/03 21:00)
Reported: 4/23/2003 12:47:48 AM 00:47
Posted: 4/27/2003
Location: Wikieup/Wickenburg (enroute), AZ
Shape: Other
Duration:45 min
golden orange lights seen on and off for about 45 min in arizona on wed. 14 april 2003 1 to 7 lights seen at a time

My wife and I were heading to mesa Arizona. We arived in wikieup arizona around 8:50 pm and we drove straight through with out stopping the town is very small and takes about 5 min to get through. Once we got out of the town we drove another 5 to 10 min when I saw 2 Very large gold lights with an orange hugh to them. As soon as my wife looked at them they both disappeared at the exact same time. she tryed to tell me they were most likely planes that had turned from us but there were at least 6 planes in the air that we could see all of them had blinking lights and were only 1/5 the size of the strange lights we had just seen and the planes were no where near as bright. A few min up the road my wife noticed the computer compus in my suv was now saying C witch we had never seen it do. a min or two after she pointed this out the lights reapeard on the right side of the road and once agian as soon as we spoted them they just vanished. by this time I was feeling very freaked out do to the fact that besides other people driving on this road we were alone and I was in the midle of the desert with my wife witch I felt as though I need to protect but I felt very vonurable. about 5 to 10 min down the road we both saw one apear right above the mountian off to the right of us it was followed by 6 other identical lights that apeared right next to it one after another I had just enough time to screach to a full stop, throw the suv in park and open the door and then they vanished in just the opisit order that they appeared the last one that appeared was the first one to vanish and so on after standing out side for a few min we started driving agian when I saw a single one of the lights to are left about the say area we saw the first 2 lights it took a bit longer to vanish then the others. im guessing around 45sec after this we came up in to a mountain area that last for about 10 min once through this you drive over a narrow bridge on the oposit side is a senic view area just after coming out of the mountians we could see the 7 lights already light up way off in the distance slowly moving together twords the pheonix area this time it stayed lit up for a couple of min at least becuse I crossed the bridge pulled in to the senic view area and my wife and I both got out and watched it then all at once all 7 lights were gone we stayed at the senice view for about 5 min so my dog could go to the bathroom after that we were back on the road we had no more sightings of the lights untill we were about 7 to 8 min out of wickenburg when I saw the last one off to the left but this time behind us a bit it vanished within a few seconds when we finaly saw the first houses of wickenburg my wife pointed out that the compus was now working agian. We didnt see any more lights that night or on our trip back from az to las vegas.

I will try and make and send some drawings in of what we saw.

MPEG video shot (and stills) of the Wikieup Sighting "Grand Finale"
This video was taken by Tyler Eby of the "Grand Finale" from the May 13, 2004 Wikieup UFO sighting (photo stills captured from this video follow below):
Click Here to view Wikieup Video (5630 KB - best viewed using Real Player)

Highway 93 south of Wikieup
WikieupROADSsoutheast.bmp (164870 bytes)

Wikieup single light
Wikieup1lite.jpg (20569 bytes)

Wikieup 2 lights
Wikieup2lites.jpg (21370 bytes)

Wikieup Light Spread

WikieupSpread.jpg (21325 bytes)

Manta Ray Sighting
Sharon Eby and her son Jeremy witnessed a "Manta Ray" UFO (triangle-shaped craft) just above the moon at dusk on November 17, 2002.  Jeremy spotted it first but Sharon could not see it until she prayed for her "spiritual eyes to be opened", and then at that INSTANT she saw it!  The craft travelled diagonally towards the right side of the moon before it "blinked out" as witnessed by both Jeremy and Sharon at the same time.

MantaRay11_17_02.jpg (17752 bytes)

Flying Triangles/Diamonds/"Manta Ray" UFO's
Many UFO accounts of the black triangles, diamonds, also known as "manta ray" UFO's are very similar to what happened to Dr. Bruce Cornet back in the Pine Bush area of NY state in the mid-late 1990's.  He used to do field research alongside Ellen Crystall (she wrote the book "Silent Invasion") and he personally performed a 3 year, 200 sq. mi. paleomagnetic study, with 1800 stations of measurements, using a proton precession magnetometer.  He was looking for unnatural magnetic anomalies (subsurface) that could possibly indicate artificial technology (and he found it).  When he first began the study he was shot and tagged by "someone," and then was followed by such black triangular craft from then on, sometimes all the way to his house over many miles and turns of highway.  He literally took thousands of photographs, and fully and scientifically documented the aircraft, their velocity, directions (including where they would appear to dive straight into the earth in the area where he was conducting the paleomagnetic study), and has a lot of data (frequency spectrograms) on the harmonic and synthetic sounds that these aircraft emulated/produced.  The aircraft he observed and recorded made use of plasma lights, indicated a reverse-doppler effect, overcame gravity (and therefore inertia), and utilized a method of warping space-time by contracting the space in front of, and expanding the space behind the spacecraft.  Also, there was a notable lack of a sonic boom (due to the plasmas) when they would move quickly through our airspace (recorded as fast as Mach 6, producing only a mild shockwave which bumped the helicopter Bruce and others were flying in).  You can see his "Unconventional Aircraft" slideshow presentations (two parts) here:


What Bruce concluded was that this technology is far beyond anything we presently know of our military using today (far more advanced than stealth technology!), but that there is no way to tell WHOSE this technology actually belongs to (or was reverse-engineered from).  IF this was our military, then they were violating every single FAA regulation as well as doing a big no-no by flying over civilian areas, below radar, and purposefully making their technology available to the public via their continued presence. 
Another thing Bruce noted, especially when he was the Deputy Administrator for NIDS (before they went defunked), was that almost all of the black triangles, "manta rays," and diamond-shaped crafts tended to fly directly (and very low) over major arteries/highways in the U.S.  Evidently, they (whoever "they" are) are watching us.  Just taking a look at the nationwide map that was generated via the plotting of all the sighting reports (approx. 500) that came in, is enough to blow your mind as to what they are up to, and what they want.  If this is military then the question would be "Why fly over populated areas?".  See the PowerPoint here (first created and publicly presented by Colm Kelleher, previous Administrator of NIDS in May, 2004):

also at:
www.nidsci.org/articles/8_25trireport.php (modified version... more complete as he separates out the databases)

Early data seemed to support travels of the triangular aircraft near or between military bases, however, subsequent data does not seem to support the earlier data.... the result?  It could be both "them" and "us" but there's no way to know for sure.  At least not at this point.  In general the full amount of data collected tends to lean toward a non-military (for the most part anyway) involvement.  The question still stands... Who are they, and what do they want?

Bruce Cornet's website is: www.sunstar-solutions.com/AOP/HomePage/index.htm

by Sharon Eby (c) 2005

14th Street Sighting
On June 8, 1999 Sharon Eby and her son Tyler (age 12) witnessed a UFO (saucer type craft) while driving up 27th St in Lincoln, NE.  The craft was seen flying and then hovering over the 14th Street area north of town.

Green spot indicates location of UFO - witnesses were located on 27th St nearing Arbor Rd
27th_14thStreetUFOsighting2.jpg (42176 bytes)

Sharon was driving, while Tyler was in the front passenger seat. They were talking and Tyler was looking at his mom, and noticed, out the drivers side window, a white disc-shaped craft traveling very fast at a downward diagonal in the same northerly direction they were driving. It came to an instant stop and began gliding forward, horizontally, in pace with them. He exclaimed, "Mom! A UFO!" and when she looked she saw it, but argued that it was a mile or so away and could be anything, such as a small plane. Then, as they watched it, it blinked out completely. As if it were still traveling in pace with them, it then blinked back on up ahead of where it blinked out. The sky was clear with no obstructions, and that is when Sharon realized that they were dealing with a real craft and not a misidentified airplane. As Sharon's car neared Arbor Rd she slowed and decided that she needed to get closer. She turned left onto Arbor Rd and started booking it toward the craft, in hopes that they could see it better.

The craft then stopped mid-air and hovered for a while, as they were driving ever closer toward it. Sharon figured out that it could not have been a plane because it would have banked (this was a 90 degree instantaneous turn) and it had no wings. It had a silvery-white appearance and was disc-shaped although a little blocky looking near the top (thick bodied). As they got nearer to the craft and the stand of tall pine trees in front of them it then went down and sunk behind the trees. Due to a time constraint she did not go around the long blocks and dirt roads to try to find it, but upon checking into the area another day she found there were no places for a plane to land except the dirt roads and farmers fields that had crops growing. No hangars existed and no reports in the news existed regarding emergency landings or sightings. This was witnessed by both Sharon and her son Tyler and to this day they have no explanation as to the craft's origins.

Green dot shows where craft went down behind pine trees
27th_14thStreetUFOsighting6_8_99.jpg (30250 bytes)

Bruce Cornet's Black Triangle Evidences and Plasma Lights: Questions for the Skeptic
by Bruce Cornet

As a scientist, I respect the opinions and hypotheses regarding unidentified flying objects, especially when they appear (at first) to be regular aircraft.  I have shown many groups my PowerPoint presentation on Unconventional Aircraft, and only rarely does anyone summarily dismiss all my data as misidentified conventional aircraft.  I write this for the skeptic.  I give them the benefit of the doubt, but occasionally even scientists and engineers are "old school" and shoot from the hip without carefully examining all the data and facts before responding.  However, unless they can challenge my interpretations on each and every point I make for concluding that what I witnessed and recorded were only conventional aircraft, and provide a reasonable alternative explanation for the many anomalies, I think anyone with an unbelieving opinion needs to seriously reconsider their first impressions.  I think by dismissing my observations and data, they have eliminated a possible explanation for other phenomena, such as the Marfa Lights as plasmas with the atmosphere (Nitrogen and Oxygen) as the fuel, not hydrocarbons.  My Pine Bush data provide an excellent basis for such an interpretation. 

I think before anyone responds they need to take another look at my presentation - this time more carefully.  It can be accessed at http://www.unifiedworlds.com/powerpoint/Unconventional_Aircraft2b.htm
See also http://www.sunstar-solutions.com/AOP/SOW/aop_toc.htm

These folks also need to answer the following questions:
Do conventional fixed-wing aircraft follow people around on the highways?

Do conventional aircraft take off from farm fields without leaving wheel marks or other trace evidence?

Do conventional aircraft consistently fly under 500 feet altitude many miles from the nearest airports, and perform dittos and stunts over populated residential areas?

Do conventional aircraft do barrel rolls, flip over, fly upside down and backwards?

Do conventional aircraft unfold wings in flight, stop and hover silently, and dive into the ground without an explosion (photographic proof)? http://www.sunstar-solutions.com/AOP/SOW/illusion.htm  

Do conventional aircraft transform on camera from a giant ball of plasma to a pattern that mimics a conventional aircraft, with photographic proof that they can move all their lights simultaneously in small figure eights?

Do conventional aircraft produce all types of sounds, or cut their sound and fly silently? Can they jam electronic devices on the ground and cause major magnetic anomalies (e.g. reverse the local magnetic field)?

Does the sound coming from conventional aircraft defy the Doppler law (verified and confirmed by physicists)?

Do conventional aircraft shapes include triangle and diamond shapes?

Do conventional aircraft use plasmas for lights (not lamps)?

Can conventional aircraft lights intensify 100 times, causing the atmosphere around them to glow red or orange?

Can conventional fixed-wing aircraft fly with their wings vertical to the ground for thousands of feet without falling out of the sky? http://www.sunstar-solutions.com/AOP/SOW/signal.htm    

Can conventional aircraft project different images to two cameras positioned side by side?

Can conventional aircraft move their lights off of their fuselages, or move them around on their fuselages?

Can conventional aircraft travel at Mach 6 without producing a sonic boom?

Do commercial or military pilots put on staged performances before television cameras, and in so doing violate the flight capabilities of known aircraft, not to mention FAA rules and regulations? In other words, does the military show off its top secret aircraft with advanced technology before the public and unsecured cameras?

There are other scientists and engineers who have examined my data, and agree with most if not all of my interpretations, these include Scot Stride (JPL engineer who designed the telecommunication system for the Mars Rover), and Gerry Zeitlin, who has worked for the NSA.
Bruce Cornet, Ph.D.

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(c) Sharon (Eby) Cornet 2011