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People keep asking me for my books for sale also; they can be found here at my Amazon Author’s Page.

Note: I have author’s pages under “Sharon Buydens” as well as “Sharon Cornet” and “Sharon Eby” (keep watch)

Scroll down for Q&A / FAQ and a list of available book titles as well as what is coming soon. You can also click on the links in the top of the page, or on the right side bar. I am a writer/author, editor, and proofreader for articles, books, and write/copywrite website content as well for businesses, students, and individuals. Check out my “writing services” page if you need help!

Please bear with me as I get these books prepared for this online bookstore… they take a while to write and edit and get published. This is my life, my passion, and my focus (finally). This is also part of my service to all of humanity and the one beautiful blue-marbled globe we all live on together, so it is also a labor of love and holds spiritual meaning for me, but directed to the masses from a practical down-to-earth approach.

Writing and sharing these with the public is my pleasure. Please know that although these books are free, they also cost me in time and money to research, write, and publish, not including marketing, website and online costs, salary (this is how I make my living), and other expenses. To download books may be free for you, but not for me. Why?

This is not a non-profit company but I do have to pay self-employment taxes because providing online books, where you can download free ebooks, as well as regular print books from Amazon, and Kindle books (where you can download ebooks). Basically though, ebook downloads where you can get an ebook free from my ebook library, is my business. Still, I have been given so much of this information that I originally learned, as a freebie, so I would like to pass it on to those who cannot afford much right now, but–hopefully because of putting this ebooks download information to good use and saving money for the rest of their lives–will be able to later.

Because of this, I happily accept donations! 🙂 Please support the continuation of my ability to provide free e-books!

Scroll down for Q&A / FAQ and LIST OF AVAILABLE BOOKS!

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Sharon Eby Buydens

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Sharon Eby Buydens

Q&A / FAQ for free ebook download:

What is an e-book/ebook?

An e-book means an “electronic book.” That is, a regular book written on a computer and saved as a PDF file, which is uploaded to either Amazon or any website (including eBay), which you can download to your computer from the Internet. You can then read it at your leisure from your computer screen or your Kindle e-book reading device.

Can I really get ebooks for free?

Yes! I offer shorter versions of my books free online (version 1 copies).

Plus, you can get ALL my published books on Kindle for free if you are an Amazon Prime member

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What format do the ebooks come in?

All online downloadable books are in free PDF format, which you can read via downloading Adobe Acrobat (free download). This is the most common format for PDF books / free PDF ebooks.

Do you have audiobooks?


Do you have any free movies?

Not at this time.

Do you have any other free information?

Yes, I have articles on numerous topics at the links near the bottom of this page. Check it out!

Do you have free Kindle books?

Yes, I do make my Amazon Kindle book(s) available for free, but you typically need to have their Amazon Prime (see above) or KindleUnlimited membership (see below). Kindle ebooks are a great way to read!

About KindleUnlimited

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Do you have a free ebooks newsletter/mailing list?

Not at the moment.

What company do you use for downloads?

I used to pay a subscription each month in order to give you free copies of my books. Now I just allow readers to download the PDF directly from my website, free of course. 🙂

How can I donate?

Yes, you can donate here to support my ability to keep providing free ebook downloads.

What titles are available, or will be coming available?

Here they are…

List of individual FREE download ebook titles:

How to Design a Passive Solar House by Sharon Buydens (NOW AVAILABLE!)

How to Make a Solar Oven by Sharon Buydens (NOW AVAILABLE!)

How to Make a Solar Water Distiller by Sharon Buydens (NOW AVAILABLE!)

How to Make Cooling and Heat Tempering Earthtubes (cheap air conditioning v1) by Sharon Buydens (NOW AVAILABLE!)

More coming soon!

Here are my articles on green building your own home (this is great for tiny houses as a “core house” model, which is meant to be expanded later on).

Due to popular demand, I have kept the old version of my solar book:

how to solar energy projects

(click to see cover)

Paperback, by Sharon Cornet

Passive Solar Energy House Projects: A How-To Guide
E-book also available on Kindle, and free on Kindle with an *AmazonPrime membership (30-day free membership available here)


Chloe-isms book cover

Plus I have this Paperback, by Sharon Cornet:

Chloe-isms: Age 1-2
E-book usually available free on Kindle through *AmazonPrime (30- day free membership available here)

Sasquatch – Bigfoot Sightings Map

Apologies, these maps are no longer available as JPGs or PDFs since they were published in print form in my new book. Due to the cost of printing, I have made it available for sale on Amazon (free to download if you are an AmazonPrime member!)

Bigfoot Sightings Maps

Bigfoot Sightings Maps

Maps included: Texas; Arkansas, Missouri, & Oklahoma; Washington, Oregon, & California

These maps are in full color 8.5×11 printed in my little (full color) book titled:
3 Bigfoot Sightings Maps in 7 States:
Booklet of Sasquatch Beings & Footprints Seen in TX – WA, OR, CA – AR, MO, OK

Authored by Sharon Buydens, Maps by Derek Eby

(this book was also re-published under my alternative name: Sharon Cornet)

I will also be publishing a book on people’s Beliefs about Bigfoot/Sasquatch in 2021…

Bigfoot Beyond Belief:
A Study in Cultural Anthropology of What People Believe About Bigfoot/Sasquatch
– Book 1

In the meantime you can read about some of my Bigfoot research here or get the Bigfoot sightings maps here.

There will be 2 more Bigfoot books after the one above. 🙂

The titles (which may change) below are titles I would LIKE to write (who knows if I will):

DIY: How to Make In-the-House or Underground Storm Shelters

DIY: How to Build a Tornado Resistant or Hurricane Proof House

A Three-Book Series for the Owner-Builder / Homesteader / Survivalist (COMING LATER… maybe 😉 )

Sacred Order Homesteading – Shelter Before Fire
Sacred Order Homesteading Fire Before Water
Sacred Order Homesteading – Water Before Food

(titles may change)

Books for sale

See ALL of my books that are presently available (ranges from $12-29)

Some of the topics include:

Solar ovens
Solar water distillers / solar stills
Earth tubes (cheap air conditioner)
Simple passive solar house design
Cheapskate’s passive solar home
Design your own energy efficient green home
Bigfoot sightings maps
Bigfoot Beyond Belief (NEW for 2021!)


Plus these photo books (pix / photographs):

Tiny House Photobook
Best of Tiny House Photobook
Barn Owl Photobook (royalty-free)


Free articles under my pen name: Sharon Cornet

My old website:

My articles on various topics:

Vancouver Health News: (this site is defunct)

Medicinal Mushrooms: (this site is defunct)

Amino Acid Information: (this site is defunct)

I may wind up writing a book compilation of my articles that used to be on the last two sites above, simply because they would not otherwise exist anymore if I do not. 🙁

Please keep checking back, and let me know how you like my site, my books, and what you would like to see!

Still have a question? Please contact me.

(c) 2015-present Sharon Buydens

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