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making rain

How a solar still works

June 4, 2016 – 1-4PM
Location: Mission BC
$20/person, or $35/couple


$20 per book (optional–discounted copies available for workshop attendees only. We will have copies at the workshop available, or buy now and we will refund the $5 to you in person when you bring your book)

Location: 32121 Hillcrest Ave, Mission BC Canada
Sharon: 206-714-1802 (US)
Henriette: henrimc@hotmail.comĀ  604-820-4871 (CAN)

Purify water using the sun (no need for electricity or water pressure). What is a solar water distiller? How do they work? How do you find solar south? What materials are safe to use? Can you build it with used or recycled materials? Can they be used in emergencies (like earthquakes), or in winter? How much water do they produce? How “pure” is the water? What is distillation vs. solar water pasteurization? You will learn all of this and more…

Come learn how to design a solar still! In this Level 1 Workshop, the group will learn about different types of distillers and then will plan a design for an inexpensive single basin still together (used materials, whenever possible). All attendees will gather materials and together will build a small practice-only solar water distiller at the Level 2 Workshop several weeks later.

Workshop I is for learning, design, and planning.
Workshop II will be to practice the construction of the still.

Have fun learning the pros and cons of utilizing certain materials, and hopefully make your mistakes at the practice workshop. These workshops are designed to teach concepts and build skills and experience before attempting one on your own at home.

Although both Workshops I & II are available and designed to be attended in sequence, anyone may attend either/both. Workshop II will cost the same as Workshop I. The book “How to Build a Solar Water Distiller and construction materials are additional and will be decided upon at the time of the design phase.

PRE-REGISTER HERE TO SECURE YOUR SEAT (only 20 attendees) – it is free to pre-register and payment should be made at the time of the workshop.

Additionally, if you pre-purchase a book (above) we can refund you the $5 difference at the time of class when you bring it.


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