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$25/hour: Writing / Editing / Proofreading / Blogs / Websites

Sharon Buydens

Sharon Buydens


I am an experienced writer, author, and editor of books (on Amazon) and articles on numerous websites, including this website. I can write anything from prose, how-to books and instructions, fiction, blogs, Facebook postings, and content marketing articles (based on medical journal reports, copywriting, or similar), women’s health, natural health topics, business, real estate, real estate investing, solar energy, alternative construction, green homes, sustainability, permaculture, or whatever you need. I have helped businesses and students alike on a plethora of topics. 


You may find cheaper prices elsewhere, but I will make sure you get quality work. I have a strong stance against plagiarism. My writing is all original. I also edit and proofread books and articles, etc. For standard editing, writing, typing your papers from handwritten copies, or proofreading I charge $25/hour, and how long it takes depends on the material, complexity, and length. Typically I can write 300-500 words (including research/copywriting time) in an hour, which is equal to one page or article. If you have emergency work (meaning within 24 hours) I may or may not be available, and if I am then I charge double for a quick turnaround time, or if it requires me to work between 9pm-9am.  Students get a 10% discount. 


In the past I have written for companies/website content marketing such as Zorilla Marketing, Medicinal Mushrooms Info, Amino Acid Information, Vancouver Health News, realty and construction companies, helped teachers and students, business people, and individuals. I also wrote for this website, including articles and books and the free e-books.


Besides being an author of numerous books, I have edited or proofread books for other people. I feel that there is a fine line between fixing up other people’s writings and changing the tone so much that it loses their voice. I work to keep the original voice of the author (even if their writing style is vastly different than most), while editing for grammar, run-on sentences, punctuation, spelling, and so on. I have edited books such as: Man-Otang: Bigfoot Myth or Reality by Pearl J. Prihoda, Revealing Your Secret: A Way to Divine Self-Realization by Gerard Tylor, and As We Stand (v2) by Bill Bertschy (All my relations). More in the pipeline: The Woman Who Bore the Male Child by Bruce Cornet, and a biography about the life of Native Baha’i Dorothy Francis Maquabeak (compiled by the friends). If you use CreateSpace to publish free on Amazon, I can also help set that up and get your book published for you (they provide a template for writing your book in Word). I have also helped people get organized for writing their own book.

A note to students

I can definitely help you with outlines, organizing, formatting, editing, proofing, and improving your grammar, sentence structure, and spelling, etc. on something you have already written (esp courses in English, Social Sciences, Anthropology, etc.), but I DO NOT DO YOUR HOMEWORK FOR YOU… I will not research and write your essays/reports from scratch. I earned my own way through college and have the skills I have because I did not cheat, and I will not help you cheat either. However, my team and I CAN help tutor you and help you improve your writing skills, and make your paper look better so you can get a higher grade (by video online): general tutoring for grades 1-12, ESL, SAT, English prep, social studies).   

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Please contact me via EMAIL for specific details to write for your next project. I’m happy to help!
Sharon Buydens
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