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Bigfoot Beyond Belief

What do you believe about Bigfoot?

Does he exist? Does he not? Why? What evidence do you have that supports that belief? Did you know that disbelief is also a form of belief?

All belief is a choice based on not just evidence (physical or anecdotal) but also a person’s socio-cultural influences… their background, cosmological view, biases, experiences, enculturation (learned through one’s culture), people they know, groups and other social influences. Media is part of this, which can include books, websites, journal articles, blogs, social media, films and television, videos, etc.

As long as there are people, there are beliefs about everything, and how we come to hold these beliefs is influenced by everything we do, say, read, talk about with others, hear, feel, touch, experience, and know.

After 20 years of research of Bigfoot/Sasquatch and other cryptids in the El Paso, Texas and southwest region, including in western Washington State, I conducted a study in cultural anthropology (ethnography) on what people believe about Bigfoot and wrote a 500+ page book.

This book is now available on Amazon! The title is…

Bigfoot Beyond Belief:
A Study in Cultural Anthropology of What People Believe About Bigfoot/Sasquatch

– Book 1

So what do you belief? Is Bigfoot beyond your belief?

Sharon Eby (author)

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