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Bigfoot Sightings Map

Sasquatch / Maps of Bigfoot Sightings

These maps are no longer available as digital copies (print form only – see below)

The maps show Class A (sighting locations indicated by a RED creature shape) and Class B (footprint locations indicated by a BLACK foot shape) localities based on the BFRO database for these sightings. Special thanks to the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO) for use of their public database so we could print the maps and make them available on a donation-basis to the public.


3 Bigfoot Sightings Maps in 7 States: Booklet of Sasquatch Beings & Footprints Seen in TX – WA, OR, CA – AR, MO, OK” available on Amazon (FREE through Amazon Prime/KindleUnlimited)

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“Bigfoot Beyond Belief: A Study in Cultural Anthropology of What People Believe About Bigfoot/Sasquatch” by Sharon Eby

External link:

The Kindle version is free for some people (see Amazon link above for details).

Sharon Eby

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