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Get ALL My Books FREE!

It is true. I offer all my books free* in one form or another. Some of them are also for sale. So how do you know which is which or what needs to be done to get them free?

Why do I have both paid and free available?

I have for-purchase books because that is […]

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Bigfoot Sightings Map

Sasquatch / Maps of Bigfoot Sightings

These maps are no longer available as digital copies (print form only – see below)

The maps show Class A (sighting locations indicated by a RED creature shape) and Class B (footprint locations indicated by a BLACK foot shape) localities based on the BFRO database for these sightings. Special […]

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Passive Solar Energy House Projects: A How-To Guide

My book (first edition) may still be available for sale on Amazon and is available FREE ebook on Kindle if you are an Amazon Prime or KindleUnlimited member!

Book cover

Passive Solar Energy House Projects: A How-To Guide by Sharon L Cornet

A practical beginners guide to passive solar energy concepts, complete with […]

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