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DIY – Do It Yourself

solar cooker

Steve Cook with Bernard solar panel cooker

Do it yourself (DIY) projects means both FUN and SAVING MONEY! Yay!

Whether you are a homeowner looking for ways to keep the heat out of the house when baking (try a solar oven), or are a kid who needs good ideas for science fair projects, or a penny pincher and need to reduce your air conditioning bill by making earth tubes for natural cooling, this page has some projects for everyone.

Having water quality problems? Are you concerned about fluoride, chlorine, or even natural contaminants such as arsenic or bacteria in your water?

Learn how to make a solar water distiller, which is your own electric-free way to purify water using only the sun’s energy.

Solar energy topics, photos of tiny houses, and even pictures in the alternative construction gallery are all available here.



Top DIY Topics:

Cook with the sun – how to make a solar cooker

How to make a solar water distiller

Cheap air conditioner (earth tubes for natural cooling)

The ultimate solar and home project book (6 how-to projects)

Tiny houses

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