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How to Make Earth Tubes for Passive Cooling

Cheap Air Conditioning is what Earthtubes (earth-air tubes / earth tubes) are all about! You can build your own earth tubes for passive cooling/natural cooling for about $150 per tube. They can completely replace your air conditioner(s) on your home, provided you follow some important steps and make them correctly.

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Earth Tubes

We built earth tubes on our passive solar straw bale house when we lived in Nebraska. The earthtubes were constructed in the late 90’s and they are still being used today!

The present owner of the house says that when it is 99 degrees F outside with 99% humidity, that it is 70 degrees inside the house! Most earth tubes drop the temperature between 10-20 degrees, but the straw bale house was designed properly (unlike standard construction blunders that contractors commonly make) and had R-50 walls for insulation, so the cooling effect was enhanced.

Earthtubes can be put into newly constructed houses, as well as an older house retrofitted with them, provided there is enough land. There are some creative things you can do, which I cover in my 2nd version of my book, although version 1 is a FREE PDF download.

For more details about earthtubes and getting the free ebook please see our main page here on CHEAP AIR CONDITIONING.

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Sharon Buydens

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