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A higher power protecting the city... or are cities doomed?

A higher power protecting the city… or are cities doomed?

People are moving from the city to country

I’m hearing a lot about how easy urban living is due to the conveniences of the city, and how people leave the country to find jobs and opportunity, but there is an entire movement of people (known as survivalists, SHTF preppers, homesteaders, etc.) who are leaving the city to live in the countryside, or even further out in the forest, or mountains, or even on a boat, simply because they feel it is a safer place.

But “safe from what” asks one of my urbanite friends… Jobs? Family or friends? Grocery stores and gas stations? Department stores and malls? Movie theaters? Libraries? Parks and recreational activities, including sports? These are apparently all good things.

No, it’s not that… it’s numerous issues.

One reason is how society is structured

It is not just places that evoke the greed of consumerism (and the need to reduce this) associated with living in a metropolis, it’s also too many people living in small spaces, the lack of room and nature, the noise and air pollution and other environmental problems (toxins, chemicals, and pollutants–all of which could be fixed with permaculture), and such.

Expensive utilities and capitalist monopolies

Electricity companies are basically a monopoly (so solar panels and wind systems are needed), city water has fluoride and biocides and pharmaceutical drugs in it and needs filters or other contaminant removal systems, or solar water distillers to purify it beyond what they consider “safe” to drink. Homes require expensive electric, oil, propane or other limited non-renewable fuels to heat (better to build a rocket mass heater), which is a sin it itself since ancient knowledge tells us how to design a “green” passive solar house that is up to 90% energy efficient.

Is this what is required to protect yourself from modern day pollutants and warfare?

Is this what is required to protect yourself from modern day pollutants and warfare?

Doomsday is coming?

Others tell me it’s more about mitigating the potential risks of a complete meltdown of society–with increased acts of violence like school shootings and terrorism on America’s soil, there are numerous reasons to fear city dwelling.

These can include but may not be limited to: acts of war, EMP bombs (electromagnetic pulse bombs) or other activities meant to disable communications and city-wide systems, brownouts and blackouts, looting, martial law, WROL (without rule of law), ensuing concentration camps, nuclear bomb blasts, financial/economic collapse, and so on. Do we really trust foreign powers not to push the button or to retaliate?

Time to prepare

Society’s habits today are immersed and embedded within capitalistic endeavors; they are dependent on municipal utilities and services in order to function and thrive, but a foreign power or invader, or even natural disasters (you can build a house that is tornado-and-hurricane-resistant) can throw a monkey wrench into daily living that could wreak havoc in minutes, hours, or days, depending. Are you prepared?

With that said, here are some alternatives that may help people survive, thrive, and at the very least, ease their daily life issues and help them move that much closer to independence and living outside of the metropolitan areas (80% of people live in cities now, so if anything fails, it will be there).

The topics below are good skills and knowledge to have… just in case doomsday comes. In the meantime, do not only prepare and fill your head with knowledge on how to survive, but also get right with a spiritual outlook and ethic that heals the planet and those who live on it. Humanity might have to rely on you more than you realize.

Survival in the city/country

Simple solar water distillers (purify water with the sun)

Best emergency water purification methods

How to harness the sun

Build a cheap house (out of used and free materials)

Build a $100K house for ten thousand dollars

Green homes (natural building materials that make a healthy home)

See something in the woods and think it was Bigfoot? (maps)

DIY: How to Build a Tornado Resistant or Hurricane Proof House

DIY: How to Make In-the-House Storm Shelter – Pantry / Root Cellar

Survivalist projects

How to make a solar oven (cook in the middle of nowhere without using fire)

How to design a solar water distiller (does not require expensive filters)

Solar stills kits and plans

Contaminants removed by a solar water distiller with carbon filter (removes volatiles/biocides/pharmaceuticals)

Tiny houses (the quickest way to set up a permanent camp)

Which is superior – passive solar, hybrid systems, or active solar?


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