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Bigfoot / Sasquatch Sightings Map

Bigfoot (Sasquatch) creatures are most seen where the fringes of society and wilderness overlap

Bigfoot (Sasquatch) creatures are most seen where the fringes of society and wilderness overlap

Bigfoot sightings

Have you been in the woods and seen something you couldn’t explain? After wracking your brain and asking people and researching online, plus reading books, did you come to the conclusion that what you saw MUST have been a Bigfoot (also known as Sasquatch)?

Do you know anyone who has claimed to have seen one and understand them to be a truthful and reliable person?

This has happened many, many eyewitnesses who swear they saw a creature that resembled something that was like half-ape, half-man.

There are bigfoot maps that show areas where sightings have occurred all over the U.S. and Canada (plus similar beings on every other continent).

Bigfoot mapping

One of the first Bigfoot sightings I ever researched and investigated in the field was in the desert–yes, they are even seen in the desert! In fact, I dubbed them the “Desert Apes” because of that. Many bigfoot sightings maps do not include these rare accounts, so I decided to make my own map, at first plotting them out on an image. Later, things got more fancy…


I have some bigfoot sightings maps that my nephew, Derek Eby, and I put together with GIS mapping software and sighting lat-long locations from the BFRO (Bigfoot Field Researcher’s Organization).

Initially three maps were made using the data, within these states (clumped together)…

1. Sightings map in:
Washington state, Oregon, and California

2. Sightings map in:
The great state of Texas

3. Sightings map in:
Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma

I originally made these maps available (as a poster) but chose to publish all three of them in a single book instead. The book is small, and that is why it is cheap.

This small 28-page booklet includes a couple of chapters on sighting reports and statistics for what I dubbed as the “Desert Apes” in and around the El Paso, Texas desert.

Book size is 8.5×11 and in full color.

For those interested this book, 3 Bigfoot Sightings Maps in 7 States: Booklet of Sasquatch Beings & Footprints Seen in TX – WA, OR, CA – AR, MO, OK” is now available here (Amazon).

I am also working on a much bigger book with all of my research about what people believe about Bigfoot. See more about this book “Bigfoot Beyond Belief” here.


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